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Vitral – Systems

Vitral believes that the natural light promotes people’s wellbeing and their motto is “bringing the outside in”.

They are one of the most experienced suppliers of roof lights in Europe, with 60+ years of involvement within the industry and extensive product knowledge. Their reputation has grown over the years and they are known for being incredibly trustworthy and reliable.

With their high-level, technical expertise, Vitral offer long-lasting rooflight solutions that bring more daylight and a better indoor climate. Their designs provide exceptional performance all year round, perfect for keeping out draughts in the winter and avoiding solar heating in the summer.

All of Vitral’s systems combine sustainable materials with a clean, appealing design which creates a truly remarkable product. They present cost-effective solutions with exceptional quality and aesthetics, that are long-lasting and dependable.

  • Operate under ISO 9000:2001
  • Been accredited by Dansk Standard since September 2007
  • Use safety glass in all roof lights
  • All solutions are always tested for water and air tightness; free of condensation risks

Have a browse through Vitral Systems, and visit our rooflight gallery for images of projects where we have installed these systems.

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Vitral – Systems Solutions

Vitral A98

System Information The A98 is a new development from Vitral which is manufactured from a combination of glass, aluminium,...

Vitral A74

System Information Vitral’s A74 system is an aesthetically pleasing, powder-coated aluminium system which displays slim lines and has the...