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  • Do you carry out your own design work?

    Yes, we carry out all our own project specific design drawings in house.

  • Do you offer safety glass within your Rooflight, Windows and Door Systems?

    Yes, we can offer toughened safety glass within all of our systems & can offer Class 1 and Class 2 “non fragile” glass within some of our Roofligtht systems, please contact us if you have any specific glass specification requirements, and we would be happy to help.

  • Where are your Rooflights, Windows and Doors manufactured?

    Our KYA Architectural Rooflight systems and the Lonsdale Systems are manufactured here in the UK, The Sunflex Systems are Manufactured in Germany and the UK & The Vitral Rooflight systems are manufactured and shipped from Lithuania

  • What is the best method to reduce Solar Gain?

    Solar Gain can be reduced and managed by having a Solar Control Coating applied during the manufacturing stage, we are able to provide a wide variety of Solar Control Coatings to suit almost any project.

  • How does Self Cleaning Glass work?

    Self Cleaning Glass works in two stages, the first stage which is a process called “Photocatalytic” reacts with daylight to break down organic dirt, the second stage which is the “Hydrophilic” process happens when rain water hits the glass and then spreads evenly over glazing instead of forming droplets, and then as the rain water collects it runs down the glass in an even spread, taking the loose dirt with it, and also dries quickly without leaving streaks.

  • What shaped rooflights do you offer?

    We are able to provide a wide range of different bespoke shaped rooflights, please feel free to give us a call to discuss your requirements.

  • Do you carry out the lead work & weather proofing?

    All lead work and weathering of the kerbs and structure is to be carried out by others & our detail drawings will indicate what is required to make sure whomever is carrying out these works, will be able too use our drawings to build and weather the structure to our requirements, meaning the installation can be carried out without delay and in a streamlined manor.

  • Do you offer a supply only service with any of your systems?

    We can offer our KYA Architectural Flat Rooflight systems and Lonsdale EcoGard Flat Rooflight systems on a supply only basis, we take care of and organise the delivery at a time that is convenient for you & we will also provide installation guides and project specific drawings, so that whomever is installing the product will have all the information needed to do so