The original rooflight system

System Information

Available in 58 mm deep and 80 mm deep profiles the GTS system is the original system on which the basis of slim lines coupled with aesthetically pleasing design has been at the forefront of all VITRAL’s systems.

Thermally enhanced with internal ABS caps, the system allows for “hidden” opening panels, as with all Vitral system, whereby the opening lights from the exterior are invisible. Only actuators and cross bars being visible internally give away the fact that certain panels open.

GTS is worth considering for unheated atriums as natural ventilation can be included into the system with opening panels thereby avoiding utilizing a single glazed option which could be prone to condensation issues. GTS is an ideal solution for unheated atriums, some buildings require a central covered area, often being created sometime after the building has been completed, GTS provides slim sightlines, cheap installation and is competitively priced.

GTS is also ideal for faceted rooflight solutions, the installation profiles allow sections to be opened up to a valley or hip between panels to enable the system to follow the curves of the rooflight.