Sky Vision Circular


Ideal solution for providing light into areas below flat roofs.

System Information

SkyVision circular Rooflights are the ideal solution for providing light into areas below flat roofs.

The system can be installed to a pitch of between 0 & 30 degrees, the Rooflight maximises the amount of natural daylight with minimal framing externally and no framing visible internally.

SkyVision Rooflights are CE marked according to DS/EN14351-1. SkyVision Fixed Circular rooflights have a U-value of 1.1 W/m²K, 115 mm silk screen printing along the edge for UV protecting the sealing, Low ‘e’ insulated pane with thickness on 32 mm. Outer glass 8 mm tempered float, 16 mm argon with aluminium spacer, inner glass 8.4 laminated low ‘e’. SkyVision Fixed Circular skylight is delivered with frame, sash, flashing and screws for mounting the sash on the frame, and an installation manual.

Solar Vision Limited provide either a supply only service or we can install SkyVisions as part of a larger project including other systems.

SkyVision Fixed Circular Rooflights are available in a variety of sizes as listed below, delivery can be made in 3 – 4 weeks to any UK destination, some sizes may take longer, please contact us for prices and delivery details.

Available Sizes are 900mm – 1350mm (diameter) with a maximum clear internal area of 1.43m2.