SkyVision Linear


A new and very unique addition to the Vitral Skyvision range

System Information

The Vitral Skyvision Linear is unique in the fact that you can have multiple units installed adjacent to each other without the need for added structure, further to this another unique benefit of this system is each unit is individually fully weather tight so there is no need for adding sealant in-between the conjoining units.

What is truly unique with Skyvision Linear is that it’s the first continues spanning flat Rooflight system that can have all panels opening in unison, which gives you no limitations on how many panels you wish to be opening, or in addition you can also have all panels fixed.

Vitral Skyvision Linear like the rest of the Skyvision range keeps to its aesthetically pleasing look, sleek design and outstanding build quality and has been tested thoroughly to the most up to date regulations.

Please Click Here For the Skyvision Linear technical data and limitations page or please Contact Us for any further information.