Multi Panel Bespoke Rooflights


An endless span of glazing suited to almost any design

System Information

The Multi Panel Bespoke Rooflights provide you with the opportunity to, resulting in and almost endless span of glazing, which can also be shaped to suit almost any design or flow with the architecture of a building.

In addition to this you can incorporate opening panels in your choice of manual or electrical operation, the electric operation would use a 24V hidden actuator which gives the benefit of not being able to see the difference between a fixed or opening panel.

The Multi Panel Bespoke Rooflights also offer the following glazing options

  • Solar Control Coating
  • Self Cleaning Glass
  • Diffused Privacy Interlayer
  • Triple Glazing (please note that triple glazing can be manufactured in most sizes but not all)

If you require electrically opening units the following accessories are available

  • Wireless Remote Control Key Fob
  • Rain Sensor
  • Wind and Rain Sensor
  • Thermostat

We can also supply you with an insulated built kerb for our Multi Panel Bespoke Rooflights to fix to.

The Bespoke Multi Panel Rooflight size limitations per glazed panel are as follows: – Minimum Sizes 500mm in Width and Height
– Maximum Sizes 6000mm in width by 3000mm in height
– Maximum Sizes 6000mm in Height by 3000mm in Width